New Pilots

Welcome to the club! Whether you are a brand new H2/P2 or an experienced pilot we are looking forward to flying with you!

Guide for new P2s

Now that you have your wings you are probably itching to spread them for flight! In order to foster as much safety as possible, NEPHC has organized a mentoring program.  The mentor’s job is to help ensure safety (and fun!) as you learn the real-world conditions of our flying sites.

Please review this list of required safety equipment before contacting mentors.

  • For all flights
    • Radio that can transmit and receive in the VHF (136-174MHz) band. This is essential for communication with your mentor
    • Helmet suitable for paragliding, ideally certified for paragliding / freeflight CE EN 966. Talk with your instructor for recommendations.
  • For coastal flights
    • Hook knife due to proximity to moving water. It needs to be mounted in a secure way and you need to be able to remove it while in your harness (obvious, but remember to test this!). Ideally it should also have a tether to your harness: it will not be worth much if you drop it in an emergency.

In addition, please consider the following recommended equipment

  • Gloves
  • Eye protection

Guide for new H2s

Coming soon…