In Case of Emergency

USHPA Protocol – NEPHC Emergency Action Plan

Club radio frequency: 144.440

  1. Designate an on-site Communication leader
    • In the event of a serious injury or emergency, designate an on-site Communication leader a Club Director or a responsible person. That person should confirm that they have good cell coverage.
  2. Call the pilot
    • Call on 144.440 who crashed or tree landed to find out his or her condition.  Determine if a 911 call is necessary and if so, have the delegated Communication leader call 911.     If 911 is called, delegate someone else as a Guide to drive or hike to and meet with emergency responders to assist in guiding them into the location of the accident. The Guide must remain in communication with the Communication leader.
  3. Establish a Meeting point for meeting the Rescue services                                               
    • For Mt. Tom – Landing Zone at Pat Kusnierz house or at the top of the paved road next to the launch.                       
    • For Wellfleet- Parking lot at White Crest Beach on the top of the dune on Ocean View drive. 
    • Make sure everyone at the site (launch and Landing) is aware of the emergency situation.                              
  4. Send out a rescue party only if safe and necessary.                                            
    • Communication Leader should know who is being sent and what their intended route is. Rescue party should carry cell phones, radio on 144.440 and first aid kit if available. At least one member of the rescue party should have a current first aid CPR card.
  5. Emergency Helicopter Traffic                                                                                       
    • Some emergency situations require assistance from a med-evac helicopter. The Communication leader should warn all pilots if a helicopter is expected. All pilots must land immediately or depart the area and perform an off-field landing at an alternate LZ.

Local Hospitals for non-life-threatening injury care

  • Mt. Tom: Call (413) 582-4400 Cooley Dickinson Urgent Care 12 College Hwy, Southampton, MA 01073
  • Wellfleet White Crest Beach: Call (508) 430-3330 Cape Cod Healthcare Urgent Care 25 Long Pond Dr, Harwich, MA 02645