Wellfleet – White Crest Beach

USHPA Rating Requirement Suggestion: P3. H2/P2 with mentor

Flight Type: Coastal Ridge Soaring.

Best time to fly: The Town of Wellfleet allows us flying here from October 2 until April 14.   Check the Town Beach regulations before you fly or NEPHC for exact dates before you fly.  If you fly during prohibited times, you run the risk of being caught, jailed, fined, and/or equipment confiscation.

Rules and Regulations:

  • DO NOT LAND OR WALK ON THE DUNES except directly in front of launch.
  • KITING ONLY DOWNWIND OF LAUNCH to avoid flight path of launching pilots
  • No Crowding – Don’t fly back and forth in front of launch or try top-landing when pilots are waiting to launch.
  • Spectator control – Kindly ask vehicles and people to avoid space behind launch to avoid accidents
  • Speed-bars should be connected whenever ridge-soaring in a paraglider.
  • P2s are recommended to fly with a high-vis streamer at least 2m (6ft) in length.

Airspace Rules: Stay clear of pilots with ribbon indicators- these are novice pilots informing you to give them space! Stay away from launch as best as possible unless you are either landing or crossing from north to south. Kite on the beach and away from the launch site- avoid any area where a launching pilot can land if he should decide to abort! Follow all right of way rules! Please watch this video if you would like further guidance.


Launch: 41.934225, -69.979792East/Northeast facing cliff launch approximately 140 feet in altitude. Please ask spectators to stand clear of the launch as this endangers not only yourself, but them too!

Landing Zone: Top landing and landing on the beach. Land downwind of launch giving right of way to launching pilots.

Parking Zone: 41.934225, -69.979792. 740 Ocean View Dr, Wellfleet, MA 02667.  Avoid parking close to launch for failed launches and safety. 

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