Mentor program

While it is exciting to experience flight on a training hill, it is the dream of all new pilots to ultimately fly higher and more challenging sites — to soar awesome coastal locations and to climb thermals over beautiful mountains.

NEPHC has a mentoring program which matches new pilots with more experienced pilots to help develop the pilot’s skills and techniques to meet these challenges.  While also addressing safety, new pilots can learn from mentors about the particular characteristics of sites: launch challenges, house thermals, controlled air spaces, landing options and rules agreed to by NEPHC with land owners and neighbors.

The mentoring program is a great way for new pilots to get to know the New England free flight community, and,  for long time regulars, this is a chance to help new pilots grow.  Together, we promote free flight and give back to our wonderful community.

The way it works is simple!   New pilots, reach out to one of the mentors listed below.   These very generous experienced pilots offer their time, attention and advice to help you advance.   They clearly love paragliding and are willing to share their knowledge and lessons learned (thanks to all mentors!):


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